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  Women Mean Business 2014

Hey Wonderful People!

I just had a great conversation with Ms. Ajarah Bomah of Rhoyalty Concepts about the importance and meaning of “Women Mean Business,” I  had to share what we discussed with my fellow business women and social entrepreneurs! ~ Nadia Marie

NM: What was your inspiration for putting this event together?

Ms. Bomah: Every year, the 8th of March is a global day celebrating the economic, political, and social achievements of women past, present, and future. In 1975, International Women’s Day was given official recognition by the United Nations and became a national holiday in some nations around the globe.

As a woman who recently decided to follow my dream to turn my passion into a business, I felt that young and emerging business women needed a platform where we could glean from one another and more specific women in business. I also wanted to honor business women and recognize Africa Women entrepreneurs. I also really wanted to give back to young African girls on the continent. In order to compete within the international business markets, young African women must acquire basic ICT and business skills which will enable them to take charge of their own future and move in a positive direction. The Women Mean Biz Camp will be that space where we can begin cultivating young women entrepreneurs.

So from there Women Mean Business was created, by me and Roselynn Lewis, for young and emerging female entrepreneurs in all business fields as a celebration of International Women’s Day.

NM: Why are events like this important for us women?

Ms. Bomah: I believe that when we are women come together we create new inspirations, visions and purpose. Our mindsets work better when we are unified and working on the same wave length. It is also a platform where we can gain inspiration. For my business partner Roselynn Lewis, she believes that the wealth and depth of knowledge and experience of the honorees “personifies the essence of Women Mean Business in empowering entrepreneurs to create a future we are yet to imagine and we are excited by the opportunity to play a role in fostering development of new and emerging business women.”

NM: What can attendees expect?

Ms. Bomah: On March 8, 2014 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia attendees shall expect a brunch to honor and empower new and emerging business women featuring:

  • Delicious food
  • Entertainment
  • Networking
  • Panel discussion
  • Keynote presentation
  • Gift bags
  • The chance to win a free round trip ticket via Arik Airways.

NM: Where can people purchase tickets and get more information?

Ms. Bomah: For those who want to attend, they can register and purchase tickets at www.womenmeanbusiness2014.eventbrite.com. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and honor and empower new and emerging business women.


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