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Nadia marie » Where is #AmItheFilm?
3 years ago
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  Where is #AmItheFilm?

Hi Fans,

I know that I have been MIA but I promise you it has been for very good reason. The film is well on its way and I can not wait to share it with you all!

As many of you know the film was a part of my thesis, and as a result of being overly ambitious I was trying to write and edit the film at the same time. I was lucky enough to edit a rough cut of the film with the help of Chidi from Deep Blue Media. Thus, hosted a “Talk Back” at Lehigh University on April 15, 2014 where  I screened the film and asked for feedback before making final edits. nadia-movie-poster-01I was not only able to get great advice from the screening but generated more conversation about the film with the hashtag #AmItheFilm. Check out what a collegue had to say:


Given that graduation is now over, I can now focus on the film full time; I’m excited to be working with some wonderful editors to get the film done. I am still looking for a sound engineer, original music, and pictures that will depict stories of one’s life growing up “too African to be American” or “too Ameircan to be African.” Please email info@iamnadiamarie.com if you can help in anyway!

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Nadia Marie (@IamNadiaMarie)


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