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The Girls Empowerment Summit Sierra Leone (GESSL) is a project launched by the Visão Foundation in partnership with Women Change Africa (an online media platform that celebrates the achievements of young African women).  On December 28th 2012, the Girls Empowerment pilot summit which brought together 14 young ladies from various schools in Freetown Sierra Leone ranging in age from 12-16, and 5 young female mentors, for a day of fun, bonding, and enlightenment. In 2013 the program reached over 40 girls, recruited 12 professional female mentors, and expanded to a two day summit that comprised of a series of fun-filled activities, skill-building and sisterhood development workshops, and social change projects.

I had the opportunity to teach two workshops in the 2013 session on “The Power of One’s Voice” and “The Importance of Sisterhood!” Although I was supposed to be mentoring the young women, I also had the opportunity of learning so much from the dynamic individuals.  For more information and ways to support check: http://www.girlsempowermentsummitsl.org/

~ @IamNadiaMarie

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