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Nadia Sasso and Dr James Peterson from Lehigh IMRC on Vimeo.

  #AmItheFilm x #Lehigh

I, along with Dr. James Peterson, Director of Africana Studies at Lehigh University & MSNBC Media Contributor, discuss the importance of “Am I” in Academia and beyond.

Follow more on Dr. James Peterson visit www.drjamespeterson.com

Twitter/IG: @DrJamesPeterson

Note from the Editor (Nadia Sasso): In my research and documentation I  plan to explore the preservation efforts made by generational immigrants in order to unveil some of the tensions made accessible via the stories of those participants interviewed in/for the film and this blog post series. One anticipated outcome of the film and blog posts would be to generate qualitative insights into the fusion of US and African experiences as well as new identity formations for those immigrants beyond the first generation. Support the Film: Am I The Film IndieGoGo 

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