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  Knowing Who I Am Is Everything!

I’d like to take this time to stress to my brilliant readers how essential it is to believe in your talents and most importantly value yourself.

IamNadiaMarie is the most honest proclamation I can put forth because “I am Nadia Marie”! Through branding myself, I do not need to adjust, conform or adapt to belong. I am able to exist, readdress and improve as I see fit. This allows me to show the world the most authentic version of who I am, Nadia Marie.

In doing this, I have dropped so many walls. Walls that got taller as my career grew. However, here in this forum you will see me tap into my life experiences that will hopefully motivate and inspire others.

I am on a global grind! I don’t stop. I hustle 24/7 and sometimes with sleep few and far between, but my commitment to myself is an incentive that never exhausts. Note to reader: Making it look easy is part of the program!

I make sure to laugh when I’m happy and I also laugh to keep from crying. And though the past couple of years have been R&R (Rough and Rewarding), due to loosing some really important people to death, the system, or just growing and changing, it was all necessary. It is the accepting, and evolving I have learned to do.

Everyone has a story and that’s just how things are. It just so happens that I will not stop until my story ends up being something my loved ones and I, myself can be proud of. Something we ALL can enjoy.

I’ve learned to never take no for answer. And when “no” is my answer, I’ve learned to stick to it! I work hard to be the best loving, bubbly, tenacious, Nadia Marie I can be…flaws and all.

I am at a point in my life where I am basking in personal growth and acceptance of that which I can and cannot change. Some days are powerful and some are stormy but I am not afraid of anything. I am here to make a difference in as many lives as I can in whichever way God guides me.

So there you have it…. I started this site to share my stories so you may get to know me for me, Nadia Marie, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the nerd, the jokester, the brand curator, the digital storyteller, the social entrepreneur and so much more. IamNadiaMarie, and knowing who I am and knowing who you are is EVERYTHING!

~@IamNadiaMarie (Twitter, Facebook, and IG)

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