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  Confidently Her


For Additional Press Inquiries

Contact: Juanita Jeffrey

Email: beconfidentlyher@gmail.com | Phone: 201-285- 4807

When: May 29, 2016 1-4pm

What: Confidently Her – The Brunch Experience Redefined is designed toencourage women to visualize the power of living a life driven by a higher purpose and passion. We bring together top millennial women from across several notable industries to explore why confidence is key in life and in business.

These leaders recognize the importance of living a life authentically and unapologetically, and will share their blueprints to help other women get there.

Event highlights include a keynote speaker, dynamic discussions, great food, music, and live performances in an elegant atmosphere overlooking the NYC skyline.

The overall experience will leave HER feeling inspired to be the best version of herself.

Where: Maritime Parc 84 Audrey Zapp Drive Jersey City, NJ

Why: Confidently Her aims to cultivate a platform where dreamers and goal- diggers collide. This collective force fosters connection, promotes collaboration and drives creativity to support women on their quest to live a life driven by a higher purpose.

Notable Attendees: Marissa Calhoun | Field Producer, CNN Heroes; Kalisha Hall| Designer/Owner K. Rashaé Collection LLC.; Monica Harrison | Assistant Softball Coach Arcadia University; Nubia Murray | VP Sports & Entertainment Marketing, JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Nadia Marie Sasso | Digital Story Teller, Social Entrepreneur, Brand Curator; Nakea Tyson | Strategic Brand Marketing, USA Today

Any Questions? For more information regarding how to become a sponsor for Confidently Her – The Brunch Experience Redefined please contact Founder Juanita Jeffrey via. email at beconfidentlyher@gmail.com.

For tickets please visit Confidentlyher.splashthat.com.

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