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  Brooklyn Noir x Deviant Art

I just wanted to share the work of this phenomenal woman with my followers! You probably know Odunayo Oyato Ade as the Nigerian in  #AmItheFilm but she is actually a fashion powerhouse with her own artistry team. I could keep talking but you could actually hear from her in the interview below.

NM: How would you define and describe your company and yourself? 

Oyato: I can define both in two words… Multifaceted and of course different.

NM: What inspired your new collection?

Oyato: We have 2 new collections: Spring/Summer 2015 Brooklyn Noir & Fall/Winter 2015 Deviant Art. The spring collection is a direct reflection of my summers spent in Brooklyn as a young girl, from the prints, neon colors to the styles! While the fall collection is simply me imagining myself flaunting all the colors of fall on my back in the most artistic manner.

NM: How does this collection reflect your cultural identity?or inspired by your culture?

Oyato: The PRINTS of course! West African textiles will always be found in a collection of mine because it’s all I’ve ever known growing up as a Nigerian and I believe it is also what sparked my love for prints of any kind.

NM: How long was the process and what did it take?

Oyato: The process was up to 6 months and that includes, finding inspiration, sketching up the designs (that usually changes) then my favorite part comes which is fabric shopping! Then I make all my patterns and start the sewing!

NM: What can attendees expect?

Oyato: Attendees can expect lots of color! I love me a good ole color riot.

NM: What is your fashion perspective?

Oyato: My design perspective is feminine, structured and clean. I always try to see what new silhouettes I can create from the more classic shapes you see everyday.

BUY TICKETS FOR 10.18.2012: http://oyatoonline.com/

I will be there and hope you are too 🙂

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